Rocky Flats Kennels,located in Eastern Tennessee, is a selective breeding kennel. We specialize in breeding English Standard AKC Registered Labrador Retrievers in Yellow, Black and Fox Red

Rocky Flat’s Pipers Tru Heart - Tru

Tru is a daughter of Syn and Piper. She is a true love bug and has so many characteristics like her Mom Piper. She will climb on your lap wherever you are sitting and will rest her body against you and her head on your chest. She has a very sweet temperament . She will stay like that for 30 minutes at the least. She is very light in color , beautiful coat, with all year long dark black pigment around her eye rims and nose. Her body is thick and she has a beautiful head and short muzzle. Tru is very smart and loves to catch the kick ball in the air. She sits with us in her own chair when we have breakfast every morning with the dogs in the kennel building. She is the only one who does this except for her father Syn, who sat with us every morning for nearly 15 years in his own chair. I love this girl she has all her mothers good qualities as well as her fathers. They were both amazing dogs at Rocky Flats . Tru and her sister Fiona are very special girls.

OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, PRA Clear, CNM Clear, EIC Clear, HNPK Clear, MCD Clear, Copper double positive with protection gene, ATP7B Clear, Eye CAER Normal, Stargardt Clear. Dilute Clear.


Rocky Flats Chickadees Heartsong of Queens - Ellie

Ellie Girl is my sweet shadow. She is a loving girl who likes to sit next to me or on me and just lean. She positions herself so she can put her head on my chest and just sits there like that. She has beautiful dark eyes and a beautiful shiny black coat. She stands at the middle of the standard at 22 inches and weighs 76 pounds. She has beautiful structure, nice round feet, blocky muzzle and the prettiest expression. She is very athletic and loves to play. Ellie was born in Iowa and her Sire's side is full of Canadian Champions, AKC Grand Champions and Multiple Best of Specialty Show Winners. Her Dam side has several AKC champions and Grand Champions. She swims like a fish and really enjoys all the other dogs. She does think she is a person though and is happiest when she is up at the house visiting. She listens to every word you say turning her head from side to side catching words she knows. Everybody that meets Ellie loves Ellie and Ellie loves everyone in turn.

OFA Hips Fair, CAER Clear, Clear for Everything, Copper Clear.


Rocky Flat's You had me at Hello - Fiona

Looking at Fiona is like looking at my boy Syn when he was younger . Fiona has the same personality of her Dad. She always tells me what she wants. She is very smart and loves to be sweet and loving. She listens to whatever you say to her and figures out what you are asking. She loves being cuddled and every day comes to me and lays her head on my arm. We can sit like that for 10 minutes or more and she is very happy. She has a thick rubber ball that she loves to catch in mid air. She is competitive in nature compared to her sister Tru. Tru enjoys playing with her sister, but isn't in it to win it. Fiona is funny and always has a big smile on her face. She is super obedient and loves to run along the river looking for squirrels. I am so excited to have two Syn and Piper daughters in my breeding program and look forward to the puppies they will produce.

OFA Hips Fair, Elbows Normal, PRA Clear, CNM Clear, EIC Clear, HNPK Clear, MCD Clear, Copper double positive with protection gene, ATP7B Carrier, Eye CAER Normal, Dilute Clear. 

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