Rocky Flats Kennels,located in Eastern Tennessee, is a selective breeding kennel. We specialize in breeding English Standard AKC Registered Labrador Retrievers in Yellow, Black and Fox Red

Oakhaven's Gorgeous George at Rocky Flats - Thor
2010 - 2020

Thor was a great big boy with a great big heart! He loved everything and everyone and was always happy. He will be forever missed here at Rocky Flats, but we will continue Thor's amazing temperament and outstanding looks in his sons, daughters and grandkids.

2008 - 2022

International Champion & AKC Champion Pointed Rocky Flats Early Morning Glory - Glory

Glory has retired from the show ring and motherhood. She now sleeps in our bed and is part of every major household decision. We love our glow-bug and hope to spend many years with her as a good example to the young puppies we raise and the matriarch of the kennel. She is also Stephens bestie every morning and mine every afternoon. Such a loving and happy girl.

Rocky Flats Prim's Precious Angel - Angel

Angel is now retired and lives with us . She is such an amazing girl we could never be far away from her.

Rocky Flat's Ruby Red Slipper - Ruby

Ruby is now retired and lives with us. She spends her days at the house on the couch or the bed but prefers to sleep in a 5 x 5 run at the Kennels rather than a 48" crate at the house. It was always Ruby's way or no way.

Rocky Flats Wind In The Willows - Willow

Willow has retired and is happily living the good life with our Granddaughter, Brighton and family.

Rocky Flats Primrose McDee - Prim
2006 - 2012

Prim was an amazing girl. She was a loving girl who made us laugh every day. She was an awesome Mom, the leader of the kennel pack and a loving pet to us. She will forever be missed and will always be in our hearts.

International Champion Rocky Flats Here Comes Cara Rose - Cake

Cara is now retired, she gave many families including us wonderful puppies to carry on her legacy. She is now enjoying sleeping at the house and being the queen of the kennel when she goes down to visit.

Rocky Flat's Patricia Ann's Celtic Pride - Annie

Annie is now retired and lives with us. She likes to spend her days patrolling around the river, moving fallen branches out of the field and greeting the UPS and FedEx drivers. Annie is our resident tattletale. She let us know when any of the other dogs are into something mischievous.

Rocky Flats Pay The Piper - Piper

Piper is retired from motherhood but has embraced the rule of super auntie. She waits by the whelping box till it's her turn to go in and meet the new babies at about 4 to 5 weeks. She will play with them. She loves on them, she cleans them and she even offered herself up for nursing. She will always be a special helper to me with puppies.

Rocky Flat's Red Skye At Night Cara's Delight - Skye

Skye is now owned by Anna, a wonderful UT grad student in Knoxville. Skye is part of campus life and she and Anna enjoy long walks, playing tennis and meeting up with friends . Skye is pretty popular with the students and friends of Anna. She is such a good girl and fit into her new life very easily. She is so well loved and now gets to have fun adventures almost weekly.

Rocky Flat's Viva LeRoux - LeRoux

Sweet, Always Happy , LeRoux! LeRoux was born a singleton and loved by all the dogs. That early nurturing made for an obedient, kind and loving girl. She is amazingly intuitive to all emotions around her. She had 3 litters of puppies, made lots of families happy and now she is retired and never far from Stephen who is her person.

Rocky Flats My Little Star - Star

Star was a sweet girl who was always happy and never seemed to have a bad day. Star produced 3 amazing litters for us here at Rocky Flats. She then went on to her next life as a family pet who now spends her days swimming in the ocean and playing with her best buddy Snickers.

Jalin's Token - Toka

Toka is now retired and living in North Carolina as a family pet with her Rocky Flats Kennel sister, Sunny.

Jalin's Serendipity - Sera Jane

Sera Jane has retired and is living with a wonderful family with children.

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